Thursday, January 20, 2011

History Help for Henry

Henry VI
 How's Henry VI part 1 coming? I'm glad I have 3 weeks to dedicate to the three plays about the reign of this King Henry, because so far the reading has been a little challenging! I usually have no problems grasping the plot and identifying the major characters when reading a script for the first time, but I'll have to fight this one in order to avoid my Waterloo (or shall I say Battle of Orleans?). There are FIFTY-FIVE characters to keep track of, NINE whom have character names beginning with "Duke."

I'm working on some tools to help keep track of everything a little more easily, but for anyone reading the play right now, I recommend getting a good annotated edition of the text to help identify each character more fully when they come on the scene. I've been haunting the Henry VI part 1 wikipedia page, which not only has a useful synopsis, but also has a links to biography pages (some of which have portraits) for most of the major characters, who were for the most part real people. It's a lot easier to remember the difference between, say, the Duke of Gloucester and the Duke of Bedford if you can link a medieval face with the name.

Have fun, and whatever means you use to help you through the text, bless this happy stratagem!

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  1. 55 characters?!? (I haven't started it yet). Any suggestions as to which edition you'd recommend?