Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Surprise!

Are you in Seattle, and still haven't figured out a special Shakespearean Valentine's Day surprise for your beloved? You may be in luck! As found on the internets:

Don't have the words to express your love?
Shakespeare does.

Seattle's Sound Theatre Company and GreenStage are teaming up to create a unique and cherished gift for your valentine this year... A Shakespearean actor, dressed in character (and full costume of course) will perform a popular love sonnet for your sweetie and then grace them with a token of your love. We can even bring flowers and chocolates to make the event even more special and memorable.
One of our Shakespearean actors shows up at a place of your choosing to surprise your valentine. After some fun introductions in character to break the ice, the actor will perform one of Shakespeare's love sonnets and a special message from you.

Fun times! I wish them the best. More at:

Happy Valentine's Day to all! (and don't treat your valentine like Valentine did... or Proteus either).

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